My Posting frequency…..

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Me
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First of all…Thanx to all the people who are all following this very wired..carzy blog.

I am speechless and honored with the support you all have been to me. You were always there to read to what ever crap i have posted..and special thanx to people who took time to write comments to my post….I am deeply deeply indebted to all of you…Kudos…

And for the patrons of my blog “vedamsgyan”, first my apologies fore not being very regular these days…i have not been actively posting or writing from past some months….i have got mails and people who know me personally asked me why and whats the reason for this gap….”Please please i am not a full time blogger…got to earn my livelyhood”….:-)

But pple be assured…..i am gonna be back….I shall see to that i post/write some or the other carappy stuff very regularly…i am not going to leave you folks for peace…..:-))))

I shall see to that i write/post or easily copy atleast couple of post every week….You Guys just wait…

Thank you one and all again….i shall try to do the best…..



  1. muneerunnisa says:

    Hi sir…. Waiting for ur new posts… 🙂 🙂

    Its always a pleasure to go through ur posts… 🙂


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