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Presenting you Ivan Stoiljkovic, a 6-year old boy from Koprivnica, Croatia, is no ordinary kid. He has gotten the world’s attention for his unusual talent which is being able to attract metallic objects to his chest. He can carry up to 25 kg of these objects on his torso – from silverware to heavy frying pans.

Attracting metals is not his only ability. According to Ivan’s family, he also possesses extraordinary strength and even healing powers. His family added that Ivan’s power is strongest when he is calm and focused, especially in the morning.
Ivan’s upper body said to be more magnetic. His family also said that when Ivan gets a wound, it usually heals fast and leaves no scars……………hmmmm  need to learn this from him…..

Check the Wonder boy

Ivan Stoiljkovic- The Magnetic Boy
Ivan Stoiljkovic- The Magnetic Boy

Ivan Stoiljkovic- The Magnetic Boy

You Guys wanna see this in action………..Check the Video



If you think, you had a very bad day…check this up…..there is worse which is/has happend to people… are on LUCKY XXS……

Google India announces that it will soon launch street view in india starting with Banglore…..a happy news to all Indias. To talk about Street View…Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps which offers 360° panoramic street-level imagery of a region. The service was kick started in the US in May 2007 and is currently available in 27 countries.

Imagine  that you are all able to take a tour of the streets of Bangalore from anywhere in the world. …… From today ie 26th May 2011…google would be driveing out thier Street View cars in Bangalore. Once the collection process is complete, Street View will be available in Bangalore on Google Maps, allowing users all around the world to access street-level imagery and virtually explore various streets in Bangalore. This will be as good as walking down the street from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing

Apart from the Street View cars, the Google Trike — a specially designed three-wheel pedi-cab with a camera system mounted on top …..Google trike  take pictures of places that are not accessible by car…….and this will start gathering images from select locations in and around Bangalore, such as the Nrityagram Dance Village over the next few weeks. The Trike has already collected imagery from dozens of famous places around the world, including Stonehenge in the UK, Colosseum in Rome or Legoland in California.

And for you all to know more about Google street…check this and learn about Street View!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check the Video of GOOGLE TRIKE…..and see by your self how this works.

Source….Google India……

Guys…check this out…….Beckham….bending the balls into trash cans……look how cool he is with pepsi… Loved this…

Amazing Ad of Adidas……..what a concept…..loved this

Visa announced plans to introduce a one-click payment system that will allow Visa customers to sign-up for a set of credentials that will allow them to pay for items online with a single click.

Jim McCarthy, the head of global products at Visa, said that the company was trying to simplify the process of buying items online or on a mobile site, which can be cumbersome for people who have to re-enter their card numbers and personal information each time they want to make a purchase online. He quoted “E-commerce is our fastest growing channel,” and says that they can do lot to improve the experience of e-commerce environment.

He says that ..People can buy things with one click at a particular site, say But they can’t yet do it across the Web. Visa’s new feature reduces the multitude of ways a consumer might want to pay for an item — whether with a Visa check card, a PayPal account or some other means — into a single log-in and password. All of the information is stored in Visa’s secured servers so that users only have to sign in to pay for their purchase.McCarthy said the service would be introduced in the US and Canada by the year-end holiday shopping season.

Joseph W. Saunders, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Visa Inc says that…”Our new solutions deliver greater consumer choice, convenience and control while helping our clients grow their businesses. By helping to reduce abandoned online shopping carts and bringing new account holders into the Visa network, we create a win-win-win for merchants, consumers and financial institutions” and he kept on saying that “In addition, we believe Visa’s new payments products and services will help expand financial inclusion to the billions of mobile subscribers today who currently lack access to traditional financial services.”

Visa is working with leading payments card issuers, community banks, credit unions, acquirers, payments processors and merchants to launch the digital wallet. ….

Key features of the wallet are expected to include:

1) Click-to-buy: Shop conveniently and securely by simply entering an email address, alias or online ID and password, instead of a billing address, account number and expiration date. In addition, Visa is exploring dynamic authentication technologies that will bring added layers of security to online purchases.

2) Cross-channel payments solution: The wallet consolidates multiple Visa and non-Visa payments accounts and can be used in mobile, eCommerce, social network and retail point-of-sale environments.

3) Preference management: A menu that enables consumers to set preferences for how their wallet will work, allowing them to customize and control the features of their personal wallet from privacy settings to designating which account will be accessed based on merchant type or purchase amount.

4)Merchant offers: A service that allows consumers to personalize their shopping experience by opting-in to receive money-saving discounts or promotions from participating merchants.

Imp note:…..In countries like India and Russia, where card issuance and mobile subscriptions are high, but card usage is relatively low, Visa will help drive account activation and usage by working with financial institutions and mobile operators to link existing card portfolios with mobile devices to give handsets payments functionality……..

(Source Visa Corporate site and Business Standard)

This is my Fav……………. Love Salman in this……………This is called the “Free Style”

Love this song……….Salman At his Best……….

Hmmmm….After very very long time, I am posting some thing….so felt that what ever i post should be a perfect “GAP” breaker….

Presenting you the Worlds Largest Ring “Najmat Taiba“weighing ….absolutely…63.856kg and has a perimeter of 2.2m, 700mm outer perimeter, 490mm inside diameter, 500mm width of the back of the ring, 250mm width of the ring bottom….which is the Property of Saudi Arabian jewellery maker Taiba ……..This Guiness Book of World Record Ring is displayed in Dubai’s Kanz Jewellery,………. hmmmm amazing thing to be displayed.

Najmat Taiba was made from 58.7kg of 21 K Gold, and is studded with 5.1kg worth of precious stones from Signity Middle East, including 615 pieces of Swarovski stones……

Now….check this …..It took 45 days of non-stop work by a team of 55 workers who worked for 10 hours each day to craft this piece in 2000.

And the cost to make this Master Piece was $547,000  in 2000…..and do know whats te value today….3 Million Dollars……

I know check the images……

Najmat Tabia Worlds Largest Ring-1

Najmat Tabia Worlds Largest Ring-1


Najmat Tabia Worlds Largest Ring-2

Najmat Tabia Worlds Largest Ring-2



Najmat Tabia Worlds Largest Ring-3

Najmat Tabia Worlds Largest Ring-3