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Posted: April 27, 2011 in Me, My Take

Hi all, I have been blogging from july last year….and has enjoyed every moment and every single post..every single comment…and research and the time involved to write this blogs.

Many of the “Esteemed” visitors of my blog spoke that my blogs are good…its was really nice of them…and many liked the humor and wittiness in the blogs. Hmmm I am and always believed that there has to be humor in every aspect of our so called dull “Life”…we are always serious and try act that we don’t like to talk and have fun…If some one is humorous..does it make him less credible. Does being jovial makes any one,not serious about life….I have always been on the other side of firing….but I enjoy every bit of the things I do…and and downs…highs and lows…they are always there…still I enjoy….Living the life to the fullest.

Come on….I know I am boring….enjoy ur life pple….try to take the maximum out of it. Live and let live. And most imp….plz plz do try to respect others and don’t take anyone and and thing for granted.

When I first had the though of blog…I wanted the name to be unique…VEDAMSGYAN….isn’t it. And I never though I enjoy writing and blogging so much. And later this became a habit…or addiction….and now every day due to my work I am not able to write/blog every day. Now I am able to write the blog from mobile…which never ever I thought I would be able to do….Hope the saga continues with the help of my mobile.

And thanking every single Visitor of Vedamsgyan for making this what it is.

Athidi Devo Bhava…



No one in India will forget April The 2nd….We won world cup after 28 years…..and Millions of cricket lovers in india and world were glued to their seats…and couches….People where watching it on TV at home…at Lounges…At open air theartes…Shopping malls….Pubs…listening to raido..etc…

I know–i have wanted missed INTERNET…..just wanted to share some amazing facts of the Match from Internet Perpesctive….that too ONLY from INDIA…

According to IMRB, on 2nd of April, 4 Million Indian Cricket Frenzy Fans have visited all the Cricket Websites,,,,,And do know what does this mean….30% of the 14 Million Indian Internet users, have accessed the Cricket websites….only on a single day……….wowwww

Some of very amazing stats of THE day:

  • Average Time spent by user – 38 Minutes
  • Busiest timeslots during the day was between 12pm – 6pm….with almost 3.0 Million at the same time
  • 6pm – 12am saw almost 2.0 Million Visitors…
  • 1.73 Mn of them visited—-Time spent on the site 41 Minutes
  • 1.7 Mn visiting the— Time spent 21 Minutes…
  • 1.6 Million visited —-Time spent 25 Minutes…
  • 0.3 Mn visited—-Time spent 30 Minutes

Amazing….Cheers to Indian team and Cheers to Internet……..

According to Justin Osofsky, Director of Media Partnership at Facebook, “The Page will provide journalists with best practices for integrating the latest Facebook products with their work and connecting with the Facebook audience of more than 500 million people”.

Facebook’s attempt will prop itself up as the reserve for materials needed to make news stories. It is already a helpful resource for online journalists and media organizations. Osofsky wrote in the post that media groups saw their contents becoming more social through working with Facebook, which resulted in their drawing “greater than 300% increase in referral traffic from Facebook.”

To tout itself further, Facebook cited some examples stating how its platform can be used as a reporting tool:

  • NPR uses Facebook to source stories
  • The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof reported from his Facebook Page while on the ground in Cairo
  • Ian Shapira of the Washington Post recently used Facebook as a powerful storytelling advice

In addition, Facebook is  also starting a Facebook Journalism Meetup program.  Where they will be hosting events around the globe to have hands-on workshops on how to use Facebook as a reporting tool, and engage in an open dialogue with the journalism community. The first ever  Meetup will be held on April 27th at Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Internet and Mobile Association Of India (IAMAI) along with IMRB International have published a report on Digtal Commerce, which talks about Indian E-Commerce Industry.
This report says that Indian E-commerce Industry has grown from 8,146 crores in 2007  to 31,598 Crores in 2010
Look the Important Highlights

1) Market set to Cross Around 46,000 Crores with 47% Growth Rate in 2011
2) For the Year 2010  it was estimated to be 31,000 Crores
3) Leading by Travel and Hospitality with 75-80% Share  Around 25,000 crores
4) No 2 Position goes to e-tailing with around 7-10% around 2000 -2500 crores
5) No 3 Position Financial Services with 7-9% around 2000-2500 crores
6) No 4 (Very Interesting) Online Classified ad (Matrimonial,Dating,Jobs, classified etc) 6-7% around 1600-2000 crores
7) No 5 Digital downloads and paid content subscription with 2-4%  around 650-1000 Crores
8) 17.5 Million active internet user (who have used internet atleast once in a month)
9) 13.5 Million user looking for information on product
10) The most important—-whopping 7.4 Million users who have bought product or service on the internet…….
11) Around 37% of the Transactions happened are thru Debit card and Internet Banking
12) Around 35% thru Credit card
13) COD is 18% (very interesting)
14) Cash cards 8%
15) DD and Mobile payment at 1% each…..
16) And the top 5 reasons for not shopping online is
  • Lack of Trust
  • Fulfillment issues
  • Shopping Experience
  • Want to see the product before buying
  • No need for shopping online
Great insight……if anyone needs  the report…send me your email id