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My Posting frequency…..

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Me
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First of all…Thanx to all the people who are all following this very wired..carzy blog.

I am speechless and honored with the support you all have been to me. You were always there to read to what ever crap i have posted..and special thanx to people who took time to write comments to my post….I am deeply deeply indebted to all of you…Kudos…

And for the patrons of my blog “vedamsgyan”, first my apologies fore not being very regular these days…i have not been actively posting or writing from past some months….i have got mails and people who know me personally asked me why and whats the reason for this gap….”Please please i am not a full time blogger…got to earn my livelyhood”….:-)

But pple be assured…..i am gonna be back….I shall see to that i post/write some or the other carappy stuff very regularly…i am not going to leave you folks for peace…..:-))))

I shall see to that i write/post or easily copy atleast couple of post every week….You Guys just wait…

Thank you one and all again….i shall try to do the best…..




Life and Blog

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Me, My Take

Hi all, I have been blogging from july last year….and has enjoyed every moment and every single post..every single comment…and research and the time involved to write this blogs.

Many of the “Esteemed” visitors of my blog spoke that my blogs are good…its was really nice of them…and many liked the humor and wittiness in the blogs. Hmmm I am and always believed that there has to be humor in every aspect of our so called dull “Life”…we are always serious and try act that we don’t like to talk and have fun…If some one is humorous..does it make him less credible. Does being jovial makes any one,not serious about life….I have always been on the other side of firing….but I enjoy every bit of the things I do…and and downs…highs and lows…they are always there…still I enjoy….Living the life to the fullest.

Come on….I know I am boring….enjoy ur life pple….try to take the maximum out of it. Live and let live. And most imp….plz plz do try to respect others and don’t take anyone and and thing for granted.

When I first had the though of blog…I wanted the name to be unique…VEDAMSGYAN….isn’t it. And I never though I enjoy writing and blogging so much. And later this became a habit…or addiction….and now every day due to my work I am not able to write/blog every day. Now I am able to write the blog from mobile…which never ever I thought I would be able to do….Hope the saga continues with the help of my mobile.

And thanking every single Visitor of Vedamsgyan for making this what it is.

Athidi Devo Bhava…


From the year 1999…17th November UNESCO declared that February 21st is to be celebrated world-wide as International Mother Tongue Day. Do know that there are around 3000-6000 languages spoken in this world. And this is the most pathetic part It is believed that 60% of around 6000 languages currently spoken in the world will have become extinct….

Mother tongue is so important in the upbringing and development of the child that the day was instituted in recognition of its value and for the promotion of its usage as an instrument for transmitting culture in the socialisation of the child…..This is day is not given due importance at alllllll by any governmentssssss…………. Shame on them and Shame on us toooo

Do we Value our Mother Tongue……………I doubt………….except for few

Now the biggest and most widely asked question is……Whether to use the mother tongue or not ?????

Without any doubt we all need to accept the fact  language is the epicenter of culture….religion….and even humanity…….. The mother tongue conveys and transmits culture. It is through the language that the folktales,  similes, proverbs,  and other literary forms of the society are conveyed to teach societal morals and values and eventually socialise the individual……There is no greater injustice to mankind..or for people………….than to deprive them of their language ….Yes I do agree this thought very much….

As quoted by Vigdis Finnbogadottir, UNESCO’s Goodwill Ambassador for Languages and Former President of Iceland “Everyone loses if one language is lost because then a nation and culture lose their memory, and so does the complex tapestry form which the world is woven and which makes the world an exciting place”

Do you know which is the Killer….English is the Great killer language because the corporate world uses it….and world uses it…media uses it……… No..i am not against English….I love the Language English….But wnat people also to love thier respective languages….which we dont….

I have been seeing incidents in Televisions…where a child was beaten blue by their, respective Schools for talking in their Mother tongue…and made to write statements like i will not talk in XXXXX language… I say that you can love some thing..but for the sake of loving some thing..dont hate other…. This is what is happening….Love for ENGLISH…is making people neglect their mother tongue…and slowly start hating it….as people feel that there is no use of it all in their life..

Govt’s make people study thier mother tongue till thier 5th calss or some place till their 7th class..ot some where till their 10th class….after that….we will never be using it. Yes I am the classic case….stopped writing my Mother tongue in the 10th class….though i can read….i am finding it difficult in WRITING the language….i know most of the people agree this…And more…My cousins kid’s study in a big International school….and they talk to me that they second language is French..third is German….why not our Language………Love your language too…..Plz

To add to this

In Australia, where nearly all the 231 spoken tongues are endangered, the researchers came upon three known speakers of Magati Ke in the Northern Territory, and three Yawuru speakers in Western Australia. And researchers met the sole speaker of Amurdag, a language in the Northern Territory that had been declared extinct….

Many of the 113 languages in the region from the Andes Mountains into the Amazon basin are poorly known and are giving way to Spanish or Portuguese, or in a few cases, a more dominant indigenous language. In this area, for example, a group known as the Kallawaya use Spanish or Quechua in daily life, but also have a secret tongue mainly for preserving knowledge of medicinal plants, some previously unknown to science.English threatens the survival of the 54 indigenous languages in the Northwest Pacific plateau, a region including British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. Only one person remains who knows Siletz Dee-ni, the last of many languages once spoken on a reservation in Oregon.In eastern Siberia, the researchers said, government policies have forced speakers of minority languages to use the national and regional languages, like Russian or Sakha. Forty languages are still spoken in Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, many of them originally used by Indian tribes and others introduced by Eastern tribes that were forced to resettle on reservations, mainly in Oklahoma.

This is a shocker Language in Alaska called Ear has become extinct because the last speaker died. According to the report, though the speaker, a woman, had eight children, they were not permitted to speak Ear but English….. thats the plight

It was very exhaustive post..lots of research involved for this………But it would be great if you make you children speak and make them understand and Love your Mother Tongue……

AB’s Stroke: I am not a language fanatic at all… i love all languages….but i know the people from the other side…who love their own language..and show disrespect to other languages….That is more dangerous…..Love yours…but dont hate others…

A different language is a different vision of life.

Vedams Gyan


Posted: November 2, 2010 in Me, My Take, Tips

Check this up…. i loved it… it somewhere..thanx to the person who wrote this…Kudos

Our Life has become so Less now.


Cooking: Fireless

Food: Fatless





Job: Thankless




Conduct: Worthless




Education: Valueless


Future: Directionlesss

but, still our Expectations are ENDLESS..!!

Back with A bang

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Me

Hi All,

Nice to be back to Hyderabad…the city of Nizams…City of Perls. Missed Hyderabad very much. Had a very great trip…as well as boring too. Me decided not have any more holidays as i cant keep my mind idle…you all know “Idle mans Brain is a Devils’s Work shop”..and me even if i busy.i still have a lot of devilish was completely idle…that part was sucking…. Decided never to take breaks so long.(5 days was long).

The best part of the trip was i had a very very Great Darshan of Sri Venkateswara Swamy…was so delightful…amazed..speechless…by his darshan for a long time..generally if you are aware of will never be able to have darshan not more than 3-5 seconds…but by his blessings….i had a very great Darshan for almost 2 mins( off the records)…purely becoz of him…Me, my lady and my mom and dad too enjoyed this great and splendid darshan. Me offered my hair to Sri Balaji…as token of my unconditional Saranagathi him. As i always call myself his blessed Son. He has shown me the path when i was struggling…

After Tirumala…we all went to have darshan of Sri Ailmalu Manga @tiruchanur…had a very great darshan there..offered our prayers. Was on the way to Bangalore to be with my Bro…my cabie told me that we will go to Kanipakam to have darshan of sri Varasiddi Vinakaya Swami..which was unexpected move..and the best and greatest part was Sri Vinakaya Swamy gave a pleasent darshan and Long darshan…was spellbound….was there ion sanadhi for 2-3 mins. moved to Bangalore.

Now you all might ask why do we all need this…”Threetyatra Special” ….i do understand you feelings… But with utmost modesty I humbly write to you all that”THIS is MY BLOG“….you have bear what ever crap i do write..

But really missed blogging..and missed you all you are my Inspiration for me to write.

Yah…i know..i Prayed for you all….”SARVE JANA SUKINO BHAVANTHU” by Baba AB…watch out for my new look

AB Baby