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BlackBerry….At No-3

Posted: November 3, 2010 in News, Tech

According to NPD Group which is into tracking Smart Phone market tracking…..which gave some interesting numbers………BlackBerry’s smart phone sales have slipped to the third position in the US market. BlackBerry’s share of the US market in the third quarter fell to 22 percent from 28 percent in the second quarter. The steep fall in sales of the BlackBerry maker, which until recently dominated the US market, came despite the high-profile launch of the BlackBerry Torch 9800……

On the other hand, the sales of Apple’s have rose marginally 1%…..from 22% second qtr to 23%, pushing the BlackBerry to the third spot in the US smart phone market. But it was not Apple, but the surge in the popularity of Google’s Android operating system (OS) which did the most damage to RIM in the US market. The sales of Google Android devices jumped as much as 11% from the second quarter to account for 44% of all smart phones purchased in the third quarter……wowwwwwww

The HTC EVO 4G, Motorola Droid X, and other new high-end Android devices have been gaining momentum like anything at carriers which have been traditionally strong BB distributors, and the recent introduction of the BlackBerry Torch has not made much impact……

Now..this is very intresting…..According to data colleceted…..Android’s OS has made such an impact on the market that the share of RIM OS has declined by 53%, and that of Apple iOS has fallen by 21% since 2009. Because of this onslaught from Android OS.

But I enjoy my BlackBerry…..lets see whether my loyalties change in future…..


MSI Win Pad with Windows 7

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Reviews, Tech

MSI unveils WinPad, based on his shelf platform Atom, with the intention of tickling the iPad.

The tablet WinPad 100 MSI runs with Atom platform and Windows 7. This model will be one of many attempts alternative to the iPad.

The success of the iPad is now proven, digested, and all competitors to Apple will release their way to try to snatch some market share in the area of touch pads. After Asus and its Eee PadMSI launches its WinPad. The Taiwanese manufacturer’s strategy is clear: to provide a tablet with Windows 7, to play the card of openness to technical limitations of the iPad.

This tablet is of 10 inches. And it weighs 1.7 pounds Has Atom platform Intel processor Z530 with a very low power consumption, circuit, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD flash memory, and operates with Windows 7 Family Premium .

The machine has special functions that were badly missed by the iPad: a webcam, two USB ports and HDMI output.The biggest advantage is WinPad is naturally compatible with Adobe Flash, a format widely used and seems definitely ruled out by Apple.

The WinPad is announced at price off $ 499 U.S. in its Wi-Fi 16GB .Release date is not yet known.

Imp note that MSI is also preparing a model WinPad 110, which operates the platform Tegra Nvidia 2, with Android 2.1.

Do have the look of this image

Logitech Lapdesk N700

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Reviews, Tech


The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700. ….Makes the lap cool while using the notebook..or lap top–it also features integrated speakers that are likely to sound a lot better than any of its kind….note this is apt till display of 16″.

The difference between this device and many other similar ones is its multi capabilities…… The best part of it is its two-inch speakers which are way better than many of the in-built ones in laptops. They loud and are quite clear as well….. Rather than going for a external speaker..go for this

Logitech has kept things simple when it comes to “Looks” of this device… with a white plastic upper deck . The bottom surface has a really comfortable cushion which is almost like a grey mesh-like layering.The upper part of this of  device is white with perforations. These are to allow sound to penetrate from the 2” speakers beneath them. And, that is the first of its many extra features. The next special feature is the vent in the central area which houses a cooling fan. There is an intake area for the cooling fan at the bottom. On the side of the pad, you get buttons which control the fan and the volume of the speakers.

All you have to do is simply plug the device’s USB cable into your notebook and it’s set for action. The best part of this is you can barely hear the fans buzz. It provide is a basic flow of air which make sure that the laptop stays at a comfortable temperature.

The cushioning, with its mesh outer surface, is perhaps the most comfortable feature ever seen in a laptop pad. And, the fact that it doesn’t have any external power cable, but a USB port, becomes even handier.

Hmmm the other side of this wonderful device is that, it does kill your laptop’s battery life to almost 40-45%….. if the battery and weight is taken care…at 1.8 kg…too heavy…

It comes with a Price tag of around Rs 4,495/- only



AB’s Stroke: Nice device and very cool..loved its has elegance and class…Price is amazing…and  comes with 3 yrs warranty….hmm but it has a weighty issue for “Heavy Weights” like me…. But Full thumbs up….Go for the product if you can….You will enjoy it.

Robotic Bai-Maid

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Tech

All of you know how difficult to clean house….” specially if you are married”.. Now to solve this issue..

WowWee Roboscopper is the answer……

Priced at $70 and with Six AAA batteries will keep your home’s floors clear of any one ounce objects (hmm around 20 to 30 Gms)(. Any heavier than that and, well, make you lazy *** move and pick it on you own..come on don’t except everything.

This will move around on wheels and has a big pair of grabbing hands to pick up small objects. It can be set on auto mode or controlled remotely to pick things up and dump them on the carriage on its back. Using infra-red sensors, it can also sweep or whack objects aside with its arms.

Some of its Highlights are

  • Automatically scoops up OR use the remote to manually pick things up
  • 6 wheel design rolls over most terrain!
  • Multi-directional drive control
  • Loads fun phrases and sound effects
  • Detects and picks things up with his hands!
  • Obstacle avoidance

It avoid obstacles and move over most terrains……Very useful……. The best part of it is it emits a variety of sounds and funny comments as it works, Roboscooper will bee a fun addition to the household…..apart from you…….annd Kids will simply love this domestic bot…..why kids all the Grown up kids will alos love…


AB’s Stroke: Hmmmm we are all becoming lazy..or to say lazier to the core every day…and this Robo is the perfect Jewel in the crown to make us lazy bugsssssss…..Move your filthy and lazy aXX and do some thing on your own…..

 67% of people use Microsoft Office, quoting Forrester’s Consumer Technographics PC and Gaming survey. Google Docs a `failure’ based on what Forrester believes is a measly 4% market penetration.
1) The browser-based experience remains limited. Whatever advances have happened in programming, the fact remains that browser-based programmes offer a more limited experience than client software, as of today.

2)Consumers have a deep, longstanding relationship with Office. Consumers have years’ worth of digital assets designed in, and still most suited to, Office.

3)Local computing power is plentiful and cheap. Unlike enterprises, consumers aren’t thinking “how can I move to ‘the cloud’?” Instead, they will leverage what’s most convenient. All that computing power in their existing PCs still sits ready to use. (Source: TOI Tech)