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BSNL  has launched TRUST card in partnership with ITZ Cash Card. Trust Card can be used to pay online bills of electricity, telephone, cooking gas, mobile, water, rail/air tickets booking, pay for DTH subscription etc. BSNL subscribers will also be able to make payments for postpaid bills, prepaid top-ups and BSNL value added services like Hello TV Subscription, BSNL Hello Tunes (ring back tune) etc. There would around 1000 Billers to start of with. This is only available in Chennai, Calcutta, Pune and Chandigarh…and later will be implemented in all the cities….

The cards will be available on BSNL retail outlets and ItzCash World outlets in the form Rs 250, Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations The users can use the card and also reload the card with refill vouchers facility which will also be available at the BSNL retail outlets.

Hmmm…This is greattt…. Wishing TRUST CARD a SUPER SUCCESS…



Most of the startup’s look for funding….and to get the funding they do what ever possible ways to attract Investors…But have your ever seen…leave see, can you imagine that you can get funded through a TV show… yeahhh true a 9 month old startup recieved a funding of 5Million Dollar (25 Crores) through a TV show called Super Angels which is aired in ET Now which a 24 Hour English Business Channel.

The Super Angels (Investors) of the show are Mahesh Murthy of  Seed Fund, Vishal Gondhal of Indiagames, Harshal Shah of Reliance Ventures ,Sanjay Parthasarthy.

SeedFund will take a minority stake in Fetise, and plan invest 5 Million Dollars.

About  It is a exclusive “by Invitation”  website only dedicated to Men, with exclusive collection of Clothing, watches, shoes and other accessories of international brands  offering huge discounts…..

AB’s Stroke: If if is your time…everything is right. So you have to be ready…Be there at the right time, Right Place and with Right People….Nothing is Impossible. Special Congrats to ET NOW Channel, for having this amazing program, which acts as an great platform for young startup’s. Now this is superb answer for people who say TV is an IDIOT BOX….And for the team of Fetise….Keep going guyssss Long way to grow….Congrats


As per comScore (, a leader in measuring the digital world released a report on visitation to the top Retail and Coupon sites in India. The report suggested that the online shopping scenario in India is improving and the number of people shopping online is increasing. And as per their report…Retail Web audience has grown 18% in the past year as nearly 3 out of every 5 Internet user shop Online…………….wowwwwwwwww

The report found that nearly 60 percent of online users in India visited a Retail site(s) in November 2011, with the number of online shoppers increasing 18% percent in the past year. The report also found that Coupon sites are rapidly gaining in popularity, with 16.5% percent of the Indian online population visiting the category in November, led by and

As per Kedar Gavane, comScore Director for India, “The online channel is playing an increasingly important role in connecting retailers with potential customers in India.To take advantage of this growing opportunity, retailers must ensure they are addressing the needs of potential customers, which include attractive pricing and the convenience of ordering online. The rapid growth of online coupon sites suggests that consumers in India are looking for deals, highlighting the need for online retailers to adopt effective marketing and pricing strategies for their goods.”

Number of Online Shoppers Climbs 18 Percent in the Past Year

In November 2011, 27.2 million online users in India age 15 and older accessed the Retail category from a home or work computer, an increase of 18 percent from the previous year, as consumers continue to turn to the web to shop for and purchase items and retailers continue to increase their online visibility through active marketing campaigns. Analysis of some of the largest Retail subcategories revealed that Coupons was the largest with 7.6 million visitors, an increase of 629 percent from the previous year as consumers rapidly adopt daily deal sites. Consumer Electronics ranked next with 7.1 million visitors growing 12 percent from the previous year, while 5.8 million online users visited Comparison Shopping sites, an increase of 25 percent from the previous year.

Top Retail Subcategories by Total Unique Visitors (000)
November 2011 vs. November 2010
Total India – Visitors Age 15+ Home/Work Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix
Total Unique Visitors (000)
Nov-2010 Nov-2011 % Change
Total Internet : Total Audience 41,169 46,390 13
Retail 23,021 27,171 18
Coupons 1,048 7,647 629
Consumer Electronics 6,334 7,122 12
Comparison Shopping 4,611 5,775 25
Computer Hardware 5,079 5,708 12
Apparel 1,735 4,609 166
Movies 2,587 3,076 19
Books 2,559 2,494 -3
Flowers/Gifts/Greetings 2,132 2,323 9
Jewelry/Luxury Goods/Accessories 1,575 2,134 36
Home 1,605 1,966 22

Amazon and Apple Top List of Retail Sites

Amazon Sites led as the top retail destination in India reaching 6.8 million visitors, representing 14.7 percent of the online population. Worldwide Sites saw its audience reach 3.4 million visitors, followed by Samsung Group with nearly 2.8 million visitors. Other top retail destinations included (2.7 million visitors), (2.3 million visitors) and (2.1 million visitors).

Top 10 Retail Sites by Unique Visitors (000)
November 2011
Total India – Visitors Age 15+ Home/Work Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix
Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
Total Internet : Total Audience 46,390 100.0%
Retail 27,171 58.6%
Amazon Sites 6,805 14.7% Worldwide Sites 3,426 7.4%
Samsung Group 2,759 5.9% 2,675 5.8% 2,286 4.9% 2,145 4.6% 2,125 4.6% 2,110 4.5% 2,047 4.4% Corporation 1,973 4.3%

*Excludes visits from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs and Lead the Coupons Category

In November 2011, 7.6 million Indians visited Coupon sites, representing 16.5 percent of Internet users in the market. led the category with 5.2 million visitors, followed by with 1.4 million visitors and with nearly 1 million visitors.

Top 10 Coupon Sites by Total Unique Visitors (000)
November 2011
Total India – Visitors Age 15+ Home/Work Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix
Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
Total Internet : Total Audience 46,390 100.0%
Coupons 7,647 16.5% 5,185 11.2% 1,359 2.9% 989 2.1% 664 1.4% 491 1.1% 239 0.5% 117 0.3% 91 0.2% 86 0.2% 83 0.2%

*Excludes visits from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs

The online retail industry is set to grow 70 billion rupees by 2015. Most of the e-retailers have also introduced cash on delivery to ease Indians transition from physical shopping to online shopping. Brands like Shopper’s Stop and Futurebazaar have also taken the leap to revamp their online presence. Recently, Domino’s said that they plan to make India their premier e-commerce hub. This change has been spearheaded by sites like flipkart and Makemytrip.  Flipkart expects a massive increase in their sales in the coming year. Coupon sites have also taken off quite well in India. Snapdeal and Mydala have attracted a lot of customers to buy coupons and get exclusive discounts on many deals. This also means that online retailers need to adopt effective marketing and pricing strategy for their goods.

So…The moral of the story is…..Indian E-commerce is growing like crazy..this numbers makes all of us dizzy….its time for the small,medium, and big players to work their A** hard and be part of this amazing revolution….This shows that Indians have already accepted  “E”. So my feeling is that “This Bubble is not going to burst”……..There is movement which is definetly not slow…but in a very directive speed……

So Guys..pull your socks on….and see where this goes up…i am personally excited….

So for all in this “E” industry….simple funda to grow…”Serve and Reap”

(Source: comSource)




As per the newly formed strategic alliance between Nielsen and Informate Mobile Intelligence which is called Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights, conducted a study and found some very amazing facts…check this up

India’s growing population of Smartphone users  now spending more time on entertainment and internet based content than on calling and messaging. The Nielsen study has revealed that the average Smartphone user spends 2.5 hours a day using the phone, with 72% of their time spent on activities such as gaming, entertainment, apps and internet related content, and only 28% spent on voice calls and text messaging.

“India’s rapidly growing mobile user base presents marketers and businesses with an opportunity to improve the precision with which they reach out to the new Indian consumer. Today, younger Indians for instance, prefer texting and chat over voice communications and understanding this behavior better can define data consumption and customer acquisition strategies for operators and handset providers” said Farshad Family, MD – Media, Nielsen India.

On-device metering is a pioneering technology that will for the first time give advertisers, content developers and telecom players an insight into how the mobile consumer is evolving. For instance, we now know that 3G users consume significantly more data than 2G users and that Android users download and consume a greater volume of apps. These analytics combined with Nielsen’s expertise in consumer understanding will offer marketers an unmatched view of a powerful new medium” said Kedar Sohoni, President, Informate Mobile Intelligence…

Key Findings by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights

  • Smartphone users in India are using their phones for more than 2.5 hrs per day, of which communication (calls, SMS, emails) accounts for only 28% of usage
  • Younger Smartphone  users (15-25 yr olds) spend more than 3 hrs per day on their phones and spend 60% of the time on entertainment & browsing e.g., gaming, surfing the net and multimedia
  • 68% of 15-24 year olds used a chat app last month as compared to 42% for the 31+ year olds; and
  • Data usage for 3G users was close to 44% more than 2G users
  • An Android user installs an average of 19 apps in a month compared to 10 apps for a Symbian user
  • 84% of Android users played a game in the last month compared to 59% for Symbian users

Table 1: Time spent and activities on Smartphones

15-24 yrs 31 + yrs
Total Time spent on the SmartPhone 3 hrs 2 hrs
Total Time spent on Browsing & Entertainment 2 hrs 1 hr
Total Time spent on Chat & SMS 31 mins 15 mins

Source: Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights

Table 2: Apps and gaming behavior by Operating System

Android™ Users Symbian™ Users
No. of App downloads in a month 19 10
Gaming Usage 84% 59%
Primary Download Location Android Market App Ovi Store Site

Source: Nielsen Informate Mobile Insight


I found out this interesting Overview on Indian E-Commerce. Which talks about lots of things…

Interesting Highlights are……

  • Indian Population 121Billion (3x of US)
  • 10 Billion Dollar  Market (1/6th of US which is 167 Billion)
  • Current growth Rate 47% CAGR
  • 100 Billion Dollar market in 6 years with same growth rate(if)
  • Can touch 500 Billion Dollar….(Potential)…..
  • GDP will grow 5 times by 2030 (1729.01 )
  • Rapid Growth of Tier -II cities
  • 98% Increase in Rural Internet users next year
  • 84% Increase in Mobile Internet users next year
  • Urban Population increasing by 90 Million every year…
  • 200% Increase in VC funding
  • 183 Million Dollar invested in last 12 months
  • 45 Million (New)Debit Cards issued every year……..woooo
  • Govt Initiatives like UID/Aadhaar  (Unique Identification Number) and IMPS (Interbank Mobile Payment Service)

Check this Infographic below………Which is amazing



Source: ReferralCandy……This domain has been sold for $1,38,000 (Aprrox Rs. 62,10,000/- ie  Sixty Two Lakhs Only).

Australian Pixel Capital has paid $138.000 for the domain www. as it plan to enter the US financial comparison market. This sale marks the second highest for a .net domain this year, after which sold for $170,000 ( Approx Rs 76,50,000/-) in June as per DN Journal.

AB’s Stoke:  As Shakespeare  says “Whats’s In Name” people need not shall “THAT EXTRA” to get a name and to do business….if that was the case Monster would never have done business….so to do business…we all need great plan,great service and very pleasant experience for customer…..Thinkkkkk…….What say

Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check this up EBS (E-Billing Solutions has been acquired by Ogone for an undisclosed amount……

EBS (E-Billing Solutions), the second largest on-line payment provider in India, has announced that Ogone Payment Services, one of Europe’s leading payment service providers, has signed a binding agreement to acquire the company. This acquisition marks Ogone’s first foray outside of the European market and into the rapidly expanding Indian on-line payments market.

 However, EBS will continue to operate under its current management structure and market approach and will be responsible for running the operations and the continued expansion of the company. EBS will also retain its name and brand in the Indian market. The EBS board is supported by 3 members of the Ogone Payment Services Board.

 Mr Nishanth Chandran, Co-Founder & CEO of EBS, said: This deal represents a huge opportunity for us to lead the market in India and Ogone Payment Services are the right partner to enable us to get to the number one position in India.”

 Mr Peter De Caluwe, CEO of Ogone Payment Services, said: Only 8.4% of the Indian market is currently online but this translates to 100 million users, which makes it the fourth largest online country in the world and this is set to grow rapidly with online travel accounting for 80% of the commerce in India. Acquiring a leading company such as EBS represents a huge potential for us and our European merchants.”

EBS were advised by growth partnership firm IndigoEdge. Ogone, meanwhile, were advised on the deal by Brian, Garnier & Co, an independent pan-European investment bank focused on growth companies.  

EBS now directly present in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi,and Thiruvananthapuram has more than 56+ payment options with an uptime of 99.999% and less than 0.001% of online fraud in its entire network of 3000+ merchants and 400+ resellers. EBS witnessed commendable growth over the years with a 300% increase in its merchant base. EBS currently enjoys a 20% market share in terms of the merchant base in the Indian Payment Gateway Industry. And some of the merchants include Flipkart, Snapdeals, APSRTC, Puma, Next, Being human watches,Aircel, Ctrls,BPL, etc

Ogone Payment Services is one of the main European service providers specialised in the processing of online payments, with more than 30000 customers in 45 countries. The company provides a range of electronic payment solutions covering a number of areas, including e-commerce, ticketing, call centres or the hotel industry. This includes both business-to-consumer solutions and business-to-business services (purchasing cards). With its transactional functionalities and extensive back-office capabilities, the Ogone Payment Services offering is one of the most comprehensive available today. And some of their clients include Friends Provident, Tui, Thomas Cook, Halfords, Just Eat, Bose, Opodo, Club Med, DHL International, Viking Direct/Office Depot, Thalys International, Misco and Center Parcs etc

Ogone Payment Services has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom.

This is deal time…….Hope this makes lots of changes in the present indian e-commerce market….and india e-commerce market grow in big and secure way…..


India Post, Indian Govt’s Post office is planning to launch nationwide prepaid card-based remittance system and is awaiting the approval from the Authorities.

The idea is to tap India’s internal money transfer market, valued in gross dollar volume at whopping $ 2.2 Billion per year. (Approx Rs 10,000 Crores).

India Post wants to offer MasterCard-branded prepaid cards to speed up its remittance services at around 155,000 branches across India. This would be run with HSBC, ICICI and IDBI Venture Infotek (Atos) will provide processing services.These banks will provide settlement and administration services with MasterCard and their revenue source would be the float–funds loaded onto the cards that have not been spent………………

Pilot Program to be launched where IDBI would run the scheme with post offices in North and East,HSBC  for west and ICICI  in the south and all put together with around 10,000 Post office pan India.

The model in which it would work would be something like this….This prepaid card scheme  allow funds to be transferred from cities to rural areas on a same day or next day basis at the maximum and There would be two cards issued One a Parent card which would be with the person who deposits (Remitter) this and second the child card or the add on card or the beneficiary card (Recipient).

And both these cards would be fully functional Open-Loop prepaid cards or Network branded prepaid cardsv(An open loop prepaid card is a type of prepaid debit card that can be used at multiple merchant locations and has network brand on it such as Master, Visa etc and here it is Master Card Branded), allowing ATM withdrawals  and withdrawals at post office branches.

Hope to see this is live action……An amazing initiative by a Govt Agency……..Lets see how this works………

(Source Tweet from Master Card and VRL News)

Cheers ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Most of the people who are into e-Commerce did come across the word “SOCIAL SHOPPING”. If not check this post…

What is Social Shopping ?

Social  Shopping combines product sales with consumer recommendations in a social network environment. The whole idea circles around friends/communities/group of people who share similar interests and who rely on the opinions of fellow members to influence purchase decisions.

Social Shopping is a method of e-Commerce where shoppers’ friends become involved in the shopping experience. Social shopping attempts use technology to mimic the social interactions found in physical malls and stores. (Wikipedia)

In simple terms Social shopping is the combination of social media and e-commerce. It takes all of the key aspects of the social web — friends, groups, voting, comments, discussions — and focusing them on shopping — to create Social shopping.

The term social commerce was introduced by Yahoo in November 2005 to describe a set of online collaborative shopping tools such as shared pick lists, user ratings and other user-generated content-sharing of online product information and advice.

Social shopping is the next version or the upgraded version to web shopping as it brings all types of products into one place. No more skipping around from site to site searching for that hard-to-find item.With social shopping, you are one click away from comparing prices, and you can easily find out what other people are saying about your prefered mobile phone or your favrioute book.

The advantage  for Social shopping sites is it generate revenue not only from advertising and vistors but also by sharing information about their users with retailersAnd the the user interactions or information and recommendations are passed on to the retailers which are hard to acquire from sales personnel.

And typically or in broad sense Social Shopping sites are of five types

1) Group shopping sites,
2) Shopping communities 
3) Recommendation engines
4) Shopping Marketplaces
5) Shared Shopping sites

And to conclude on this the advantage for Customer/Shopper/ End User is

  • Products can be easliy located
  • Get the best price
  • Comparison and research based shopping
  • Confident shopping
  • Get to know and shop with like minded people or people with same tase


Guys….this is news….so i am not responsible for validity or genuineness of this…but this is buzzing in the market

Flipkart, is close to raising $150 Million in a PE round of funding from the private equity firm General Atlantic Partners, in the biggest deal ever or mother of all deals  in an Indian Internet company. This means  Flipkart is valued at $1 Billion      (Rs 4,400 crore).  Hmmmmmmm this is…… no comments

Flipkart had raised $20 million from private equity firm Tiger Global in June, which was estimated to be at $250 million valuation. Prior to this in 2009, Tiger Global had invested $10 million in Flipkart…………..

With around 1500 Employees….it is said that Flipkart sells goods worth $ 6 Million every month……(i dont know if this is true)

Indian E-commerce is booming……very very booming………. No more commentsssssssssss at all………So for all in India and having a decent portals………..there is huge scope……..go for it and dont leave hopeeeeeeeeee

I shall wrap this with my Fav quote  said by Hitler “One who wins without problem,its just VICTORY” But “One who wins with lots of Trouble, He Creates HISTORY”…..