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Yeah Both Axis and ICICI banks have come up with some new Credit cards….Instant Credit cards, so now you can pay you bills shop online,…this is specially for people who wants to have alternative to Paypal and who see lots of stuff in EBAY and cant buy as they dont have Valid Credit Cards.

This is How it works


To get the Easy Credit card of Axis, you need to opening a FD Account with them…yes Fixed Deposit, and you card is done.YOU GET VISA card…your credit limit would be upto 80% of you Fixed deposit amount. 40% is definitely on. But still Credit card is a card..

Axis Bank offers Easy Credit Card in three variants ie….to apply online click on the links

These cards come with the minimum documentation and guaranteed approvals because of the fixed deposit you deposited with these banks.The is no major difference between both these cards except for credit limits and some additional reward points and some additional benefits.

Let me put some of the features of this EASY CREDIT CARD 

  • Axis Bank Easy Credit Card is 100% assured.
  • No Income proof
  • No additional address proof
  • No additional identity proof
  • Lower Interest Rate of 1.95% p.m….
  • Get upto 50 days free credit period on your purchase transactions without any finance charge being levied to your card account
  • Enjoy fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% across all petrol pumps in India for transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4000*

All you need is a Fixed Deposit at any of the branches of Axis Bank conveniently located all across India.

If you want this card what all you need to do is simply send SMSEASYCC’ to 54646 and instantly you will get call….just follow..Credit card is yours……


ICICI offers you with a Instant Credit Card with a minimum credit limit of  Minimum Rs 15,000/- to maximum of Rs 3,00,000/- (This might vary…plz do check once again) and without the need of any additional documents.What is all you need to do is to create a open a FD with the bank against which the bank would issue the Credit Card. The credit limit is around 85% of the total amount you have deposited in the Fixed Account……so go shoping

  • Walk into a branch and walk out with a Instant credit card! Instant issuance against your Fixed Deposit
  • Easy credit for all your needs : Low interest charges of 1.99% per month with up to 48 days of interest-free credit on your purchases
  • Enjoy 3 i-mint point per Rs. 100 spent and Redeem your reward points for exciting gifts from the i-mint rewards catalogue at
  • Fuel surcharge waiver across HPCL outlets (At HPCL pumps on ICICI Bank machine on a maximum transaction of Rs. 3000)
  • Internationally valid credit card with Global Emergency Assistance Services from Visa.
  • Get information when you need it and where you need it with access to internet banking, mobile alerts and email statements.

Go to you nearest ICICI bank and ask for Instant credit cards…………..All the best

So guys….to get credit cards…you know what to do….Enjoy…And have a great shopping experience….And enjoy…

Do write in you opinion………… awaiting you feebackssssssss

Vedams Gyan


I was going through some sites, then this new and amazing site called WWW.SELLTTER.COM popped up. Found it pretty interesting and very very simple to use. So just felt that it would great if i mention about this in Vedamsgyan.—Sell stuff on Internet. is what they say about themselves….And this is what is there in their blog

Selltter lets users post their stuff for sale and share it within their Twitter friends and followers. It is much safer to sell and buy things from people you already know or have heard of, rather than strangers whose profiles only show rating stars and nicknames. Thus, there is hardly a safer and better way to sell and buy stuff online than within your Twitter friends…..great concept…

Selltter is a new age e-commerce platform….. that makes it very easy for people to sell their own stuff online. This is entirely is powered by Twitter – that gives you an idea of how versatile Selltter is and how easy to use. People/sellers can create a listing in a couple of minutes, and it will be spread all over the Twitter….and you know how things catch up in Twitter…belive me

Each listing has a page of its very own, including basic product information and all the normal attributes like price of the item and its condition and the best part of this is it also has a picture for people to see what is in for sale and what is that they are gonna buy……All using twitter

Once the item is listed, people can bookmark it and become  a prospective buyer….. and this is where the interesting part is Other buyers  who has shown interest on the product will also be visible to you.and the same with them too….now you will know and  see who has shown interest that product. So, the concept is who acts fast and gets the product….Great isn’t it…

To buy and sell what all you need to have is Paypal account…. And once this how it happens….(this is from their own site…)

Once anyone buys and pays your item for sale, you will receive a confirmation e-mail frominfo [at] selltter [dot] com, giving you relevant information like your buyer’s Full name, e-mail and shipping address.

Therefore, on every item’s page, now  we show “Buyers” and “Interested Buyers”, the first one(s) will already have paid for your item, and the second ones will include all interested people that may have tweeted about it or clicked on the Buy button, but have not paid for it.

Now for all of you….how the home page looks check this up

Seltter home page

Seltter home page

And for guys..who got inspired by vedamsgyan…and want to start selling their stuff…this how they need to add their stuff

Seltter sell

Seltter sell

Hope you all liked this post…and the best part is you would have like this concept of

I dont know who the developers of this site…but wishing them a great success…and wishing their concept is also as successful as Twitter……. Kudos to you guys….dont forget me when you become big…..

Vedams Gyan

I know..i am bit delayed in putting this report..but i still find that this report is mazing and has very interesting figures.

The third edition of the eBay India Census, which monitors online buying and selling trends,has amazing facts…

According to its  2010 Census – statistics that give a peek into the online shopping trends in India done through its website – and even though India is nowhere among the top 10 countries, eBay’s business here grew by over whooping 64 per cent this year.eBay has seen a over 33 percent rise in its trading locations or ‘hubs’ and over 1,000 rural centres have been added this year, as said by eBay India’s New Ventures & Emerging Markets Head Abhimanyu Lal.

According to eBay’s charts, Delhi leads India in e-commerce, closely followed by Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai and Bangalore.

Now lets look into the stats

Top 10 eCommerce Hubs :

  1. Delhi
  2. Mumbai
  3. Jaipur
  4. Chennai
  5. Bangalore
  6. Hyderabad
  7. Ahmedabad
  8. Kolkata
  9. Chandigarh
  10. Pune

Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore & Hyderabad maintained their places,Ahmedbad gained two places,Jaipur& Chandigarh gained one place, Chennai & Kolkata dropped one place, Pune dropped two places and  than last year…

Top 10 States:

  1. Maharastra
  2. Delhi
  3. Tamilnadu
  4. Gujarat
  5. Karnataka
  6. Andhra Pradesh
  7. Uttar Pradesh
  8. Haryana
  9. Punjab
  10. West Bengal

Top Traded Indian Products :

  1. Mobile Handsets
  2. Indian Stamps
  3. Indian Coins
  4. Books
  5. Pen Drives
  6. Diamond Rings
  7. Laptop Accessories
  8. Indian Currency
  9. PC Action Games
  10. Loose Diamonds

Indian Top 10 Imported Products :

  1. Indian Stamps
  2. Cellphone Accessories
  3. Smart Phones
  4. Indian Coins
  5. Books
  6. Wrist Watches
  7. Video Games
  8. MP3 Players
  9. Movie DVDs
  10. Loose Diamonds

Indian Top 10 Exported :

  1. Books
  2. Fashion Earrings
  3. Pendants
  4. Indian Stamps
  5. PC Games
  6. Movie DVDs
  7. Belly Dancing Apparel
  8. Herbal Remedies
  9. Bed Sheets
  10. Motorcycle Parts

U.S., U.K., Australia, China and Canada are the top trading countries for Indians.

Hope this brings some more info to the serious entrepreneurs to work on their strategies and plan to what products to sell, where to sell..

Vedams Gyan

MSI Win Pad with Windows 7

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Reviews, Tech

MSI unveils WinPad, based on his shelf platform Atom, with the intention of tickling the iPad.

The tablet WinPad 100 MSI runs with Atom platform and Windows 7. This model will be one of many attempts alternative to the iPad.

The success of the iPad is now proven, digested, and all competitors to Apple will release their way to try to snatch some market share in the area of touch pads. After Asus and its Eee PadMSI launches its WinPad. The Taiwanese manufacturer’s strategy is clear: to provide a tablet with Windows 7, to play the card of openness to technical limitations of the iPad.

This tablet is of 10 inches. And it weighs 1.7 pounds Has Atom platform Intel processor Z530 with a very low power consumption, circuit, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD flash memory, and operates with Windows 7 Family Premium .

The machine has special functions that were badly missed by the iPad: a webcam, two USB ports and HDMI output.The biggest advantage is WinPad is naturally compatible with Adobe Flash, a format widely used and seems definitely ruled out by Apple.

The WinPad is announced at price off $ 499 U.S. in its Wi-Fi 16GB .Release date is not yet known.

Imp note that MSI is also preparing a model WinPad 110, which operates the platform Tegra Nvidia 2, with Android 2.1.

Do have the look of this image

Logitech Lapdesk N700

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Reviews, Tech


The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700. ….Makes the lap cool while using the notebook..or lap top–it also features integrated speakers that are likely to sound a lot better than any of its kind….note this is apt till display of 16″.

The difference between this device and many other similar ones is its multi capabilities…… The best part of it is its two-inch speakers which are way better than many of the in-built ones in laptops. They loud and are quite clear as well….. Rather than going for a external speaker..go for this

Logitech has kept things simple when it comes to “Looks” of this device… with a white plastic upper deck . The bottom surface has a really comfortable cushion which is almost like a grey mesh-like layering.The upper part of this of  device is white with perforations. These are to allow sound to penetrate from the 2” speakers beneath them. And, that is the first of its many extra features. The next special feature is the vent in the central area which houses a cooling fan. There is an intake area for the cooling fan at the bottom. On the side of the pad, you get buttons which control the fan and the volume of the speakers.

All you have to do is simply plug the device’s USB cable into your notebook and it’s set for action. The best part of this is you can barely hear the fans buzz. It provide is a basic flow of air which make sure that the laptop stays at a comfortable temperature.

The cushioning, with its mesh outer surface, is perhaps the most comfortable feature ever seen in a laptop pad. And, the fact that it doesn’t have any external power cable, but a USB port, becomes even handier.

Hmmm the other side of this wonderful device is that, it does kill your laptop’s battery life to almost 40-45%….. if the battery and weight is taken care…at 1.8 kg…too heavy…

It comes with a Price tag of around Rs 4,495/- only



AB’s Stroke: Nice device and very cool..loved its has elegance and class…Price is amazing…and  comes with 3 yrs warranty….hmm but it has a weighty issue for “Heavy Weights” like me…. But Full thumbs up….Go for the product if you can….You will enjoy it.

Sony Vivaz–Review

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Reviews

Sony Ericsson Vivaz….. Sony launches yet another Symbian Touchscreen Mobile…lets go through that product…see what is in for us…but after this Micormax…Carbon…Lava..etc i don’t think people would be buying costly products…as they are getting the similar kind of experience from this small and most affordable player..

I personally use BlackBerry..but i have seen a similar kind of mobile from micromax…and was amazed to see the made me think,,, am i paying for brand’s….lets not get into this..

Sony Ericsson Vivaz. The device’s USP is that it can capture 720 p video continuously with auto focus giving you perfect clarity. It’s an entertainment phone designed to capture and share videos as well as upload them on the web. One can upload via Wi-Fi onto YouTube and Picasa in high resolution.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz features the new design philosophy ‘human curvature’, designed to mirror the shape of the human body, and at the same time delivering a precise and compelling phone interaction.

Vivaz is based on the Symbian platform with Nokia’s S60 5th edition user interface. The device also comes with a TV out point that lets you view you snaps and videos on the Big screen in your living room.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz boasts of an 8.1-megapixel camera, 3.2in widescreen display supporting 640 x 360 pixels, and ships with an 8GB Micro SD Flash card.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Technical Specification:

  • 3G/HSDPA
  • Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Symbian S60 5th Edition
  • 3.2″ inch (360×640 pixels) WVGA Touchscreen Display
  • 8.1 MP camera with AutoFocus, Flash, Image Stablization and 720p video Recording
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  • A-GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • FM Radio
  • TV-Out

Price in India: Rs. 22,000—-25,000

One more look of Vivaz..for you….

My conclusion:—-Buy..if you have “HELL LOT OF MONEY