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Birthday Quotes

Posted: September 29, 2010 in My Take, Quotes

H,,,mmmm today i feel like writing about Birthday Quotes… check this up..and enjoyy

It takes a long time to grow young.

Old age is always 15 years older than I am.

The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age…….hmm I am one

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.

The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.”

Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs.

Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.

Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang, ‘Happy Birthday.

Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty.

I have been 25 since I was 25

As long as there are birthday Gifts, I don’t mind celebrating my birthdays every day

No wise man ever wished to be younger.

Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.

The most effective way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once

Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.

You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime.

May you live all the days of your life.


How to get Lucky…..

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Amazing, My Take, Tips

Was going through a very interesting article….liked it very much and i am posting here….This is absolutely not my work…me just posting it…

This was by Max Guther….in his book ” HOW TO GET LUCKY”.. which was published in 1986…and recently republished…

He says that lucky people arrange their lives in characteristic patterns and tend to position themselves in the path of “On Rushing Luck“.

Here are his 13 tips to turn your luck around:

1. Never confuse luck with planning:

When a desired outcome is brought about by luck, you must acknowledge that fact. If you confuse luck with planning, you will all but guarantee that your luck, in the long run, will be bad.

2. Find the fast flow:

Go where events flow fastest, surround yourself with a churning mass of people and things will happen. It doesn’t matter if you are a quiet person; all you need to do is meet a lot of people and let them know who you are. Then they will direct opportunities your way.

3. Take calculated risks:

There are two ways to be an almost sure loser in life. One is to take risks that are out of proportion to the rewards being sought. The other is to take no risks at all. Lucky people, characteristically, avoid both extremes.

4. Know when to cut and run:

Always assume that a run of luck is going to be short, never try to ride a run to its peak. You will virtually always be right as the law of averages is heavily on your side.

5. Know how to select luck:

Is there some likelihood that the problems with your investment – whether it be time, money or love – will go away? Do you have some realistic hope of fixing them? If so, you should stay aboard. If not, you should get out and look for better luck elsewhere.

6. Take the zig zag path:

Despite what many people think the path to success is rarely a straight line. Lucky men and women, on the whole, are not straight-line strugglers. They not only allow themselves to be distracted, they invite distraction.

A plan should be used as a guide only and if something better comes along the plan should be discarded immediately without regret.

7. Supernatural belief can help:

Not because it makes you more lucky but because it helps you make impossible choices. Sometimes there is no rational choice to make, yet the worst reaction is to do nothing.

A supernatural belief can enable people to get into a potentially winning position simply by helping them make choices.

8. Be a bit pessimistic:

Lucky people, as a breed, tend to be pessimistic. Optimism means expecting the best, but good luck involves knowing how you will handle the worst.

9. Learn to keep your mouth shut:

Talk can tie you up and lock you in positions that seem right today but may be wrong tomorrow. Avoid unnecessary talk about your problems, plans and feelings. When there is no good reason to say something, say nothing.

10. Recognise a non-lesson:

There are experiences in life that seem to be lessons but aren’t. Recognise when something was just bad luck and move on.

11. Accept the universe is unfair:

All of us, the good, the bad and the in-between, are all equally likely to realise our fondest dreams or contract cancer.

12. Be willing to be busy:

The more activities you have going the greater the likelihood that something good will happen.

13. Find a destiny partner:

This is someone who is someone who changes your luck over a long-term. This person is not necessarily a romantic partner and is usually just found by blind luck but it can help if you are actively looking.

AB’s Stroke:I loved this article to the core…these points are some thing which everyone knows..but dont know how to use/apply..when to use/apply..where to use/apply. My personal take on this is that 3,4,6,8,9,11 and 13 are too good…..and 13th is some thing which I personally say thumbs up….i found not one but two…one my Lovely wife..who was always there for me..who is my lucky mascot..and the other one….who was there when it was most needed…now that is what has made me what i am today, rather than going rags….I need to thank that splz person here personally…he put his hand around my shoulder when i needed it the most….he made me think in a new direction….Thank you…the person whom i with at-most love and affection call ANNAi don’t want to name him as he doesn’t like all this…Thank you brooooo for changing my path..when i was lost.

Lovely AD….

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Commercials

I loved this anything….its all about presentation….amazing creativity…..dont go by the product…great work…And very funny……..

America is the fattest nation among 33 countries with advanced economies,(Richest economies) according to a report out today from an international think tank. Two-thirds of people in this America are overweight or obese; about a third of adults …..more than 72 million are obese, which is roughly 14 KGs over a healthy weight……very very Weightyyyyyyyyy..

The rate of childhood obesity is is at 20% and the rate of adolescent obesity is at 18% according to according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And Now the international think tank ….Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has concluded that the U.S. is the heaviest of 33 economically advantaged countries (chosen because long term data were available), including Japan, Australia, England and others. Just below the U.S. on the list: Mexico and Chile…where do we stand……come on India….show what you are….lowest in Japan and Korea. Children have not been spared, with up to 1 in 3 currently overweight. Severely obese people die 8-10 years sooner than those of normal-weight, similar to smokers, and they are more likely to develop diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Obesity is a burden on health systems, with health care expenditure for an obese person at least 25% higher than for someone of normal weight.

Thomas Friedman at the New York Times suggests that Americans’ fatness is even affecting this country’s international image: advertisements in China portray Americans as slow and incapable because of “too many hamburgers.”

AB’s Stroke: See this is world…..there is America where people are growing like any thing (in terms of Size)..and there are countries in Africa where people are shrinking (in terms of size)….do you call this the “BALANCED” world….All mystery of god….GOD SAVE US

Hamara Bajaj….

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Videos

Hope you folks remember this classic addddd….i used to love this ad…..simple..but very strong..

How many people do remebere this…i dont think so….as this was in late eighties and early ninties….

The song Mile Sur mera tumara was first telecasted after Prime Minister’s Independence day Speech in 1988…..and then it quickly captivated India, gaining and maintaining near-anthem status ever since……

The concept for Mile Sur mera tumara was developed in 1988 byLok Seva Sanchar Parishad, and promoted by our own DD…Doordadarshan and  Ministry of Information. The song was composed by Ashok Patki, co-composed by Louis Banks, written by Piyush Pandey. The project was conceived and directed by Suresh Mullick  and recorded by a group of people from all walks of life, including a supergroup of popular Indians – musicians, sports persons, movie stars, etc.

The national integration video was intended to instill a sense of pride and promote unity amongst Indians, highlighting the different linguistic communities and societies that live in India – India’s unity in diversity, so to speak.

Hope you will all enjoy………………

Maniac Lovers….a new trend in society

Posted: September 20, 2010 in My Take

One more girl lost her life yesterday…becoz of a manic lover in Hyderabad. This is a trend which is has been on rise from past some time…where we here at Andhra Pradesh are seeing lots of Killing of these innocent girls….they way these girls are killed is always gruesome…and in most barbaric manner….hitting with Base ball bat….silting the Throat….Pouring acid on the face…stabbing with knife..pushing from the building… very disgusting to write about this..but i need to take my anger offffff in this new trend…and apart from this we are seeing lots and lots of Suicides……reason being any thing….from agitations to…..upset over mother scolding…..lower marke in the exam……….what the F**K is happeing with the society.

Love is divine…love expects sacrifice…..but  no where it is says that hurt some one whom you are in deep love….fact is all the Religions only say that Love people…help people….dont develop hatred…but  whats happening now is very alarming…and the civil society needs to do some thing about this. My biggest concern is dont make these killers get the publicity at all….media needs to restrain them selves….they need not give importance..making it a a big topic….as by seeing this the so called LOOSER LOVERS…get carried away and make them do these sorts of barbaric acts……i am not saying dont show it as news…but plz do avoid sensationalizing the issue. This is my humble request.

I always see that the weaker sex is always at the receiving end… heart goes with the girls who are no more and who are suffering every day by this so called Bas***d lovers, who chase chase and make these girls go Thur the mental and physical agony….And i dont say that girls never do make mistakes…but any mistake cannot be countered by Blood….and taking away life.

If you love some one…make the other person understand that you love them…and plz plz plz do respect their decision….you cannot force any one to love you…Love is mutual…and even if some one ditch take it in the most positive feeling that he/she is not meant for you..and you breaking up is the best thing to happen…..and your Best match is still waiting for you.

Do take into consideration that by taking innocent lives…what will happen to the family…what sort of things will these families go through….not only the affected families…but the Culprits families…..these people are blamed for some thing what they have not committed by themselves… my heart goes with both the families…

There is nothing more to write….. except to say….our great society talks about “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma ” and as Aristotle said Love is composed of a Single soul inhabiting two bodies. So plz plz stop this sorts of CRUEL acts….

May All these Souls Rest In Peace.

Love Letter-2010….

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Humor
Dearest Girl,
I am very happy to inform you that I have fallen in love with you since Tuesday, the 14th of August 2010. With reference to the meeting held between us on the 14th of September 2010 at 1500 Hours, I would like to present myself as a prospective lover. Our love affair would be on probation for a period of three months and depending on compatibility, would be made permanent. Of course, upon completion of probation, there will be continuous on-the-relationship training and relationship appraisal schemes leading up to promotion from lover to spouse.The expenses incurred for coffee and entertainment would initially be shared equally between us. Later, based on your performance, I might take up a larger share of the expenses. However I am broad-minded enough, to be taken care of, on your expense account.I request you to kindly respond within 30 days of receiving this letter, failing which, this offer would be canceled without further notice and I shall be considering someone else. I would be happy if you could forward this letter to your sister, if you do not wish to take up this offer.
Plz Note: My office timimgs are from 10.00- 6.00 so i cant take calls at that msg that i can call form my office land line…
Thanking you… Antisipating a swift and postive response.
Hopefully Yours

Dear Boy,
Please refer to your letter dated today. I am pleased to inform you that I hope to accept your proposal.However, you should be  informed that there are certain conditions of acceptance. Promotional prospects are to my satisfaction.However, please enlighten me as to your retirement benefits. Gratuity should be generous.
I also need to be assured that there is sufficient security with regards to this commitment. If there is any chance at all of consequent disinterest on your part, then I should  receive monetary compensation according to union standards. Due to the nature of my position, I am sure you will agree that an expense account should be arranged for my access. In addition, housing and transport allowances should be in order and nothing less than a luxury car and bungalow will be entertained.
Please also note that there should be no restrictions placed on myself. If you are still interested in the relationship, please reply on an urgent basis as other prospective lovers have sent indications of interest.
Please also note that my sister is happily enaged.
Yours perhaps,

Caught Sleeping on the Job

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Humor, Triva

How many people sleep on the job….hmmm one..two…hundred….i know..and i cant count..

If you are Caught sleeping on Job…….which of course you are..

Follow the Tips….your a** is saved

1) Me not sleeping…trying to pick my contact lenses

2) My Cold medicine..woww which i had last night…still holding

3) hmmmm the Coffee vending machine is broken

4) Power Yoga always helps me to perform better

5)….why did disturb me…i almost found out the solution for the problem…..

6) Working on the Stress Level Elimination Excise Plan (Sleep)…which was in our last Management seminar.

7) Come on this is in exchange to the last night’s dream..i had about work

8) Just getting myself equipped for the whole night work in office…

9) This is one of the habit of seven habits of highly effective people….dont you know

10) Was thinking about the next quarter targets……

11) They told me this would happen in the Blood bank.

12) Boss…just figured out your holiday plan

13) What a amazing session you have give to our team boss..was trying to recollect.

14) Pranic healing worksssss boss….

and the last of all…..

15) Oh no boss…i thought you are on leave today…

All the best…. and do let me know your valuable feedbacks..on this…specially how this worked out very successfuly when you are caught…. this will inspire all the other fellow sleepers………. Have a great sleep.

Easiest way of rejecting Leave

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Humor

If any one asks you for a Day off… this is the answer all the Managers..Team leaders need to give…

So you want a day off. Let’s take a look at what you are asking for. There are 365 days per year available for work. There are 52 weeks per year in which you already have 2 days off per week, leaving 261 days available for work. Since you spend 16 hours each day away from work, you have used up 170 days, leaving only 91 days available. You spend 30 minutes each day on coffee break which counts for 23 days each year, leaving only 68 days available. With a 1 hour lunch each day, you used up another 46 days, leaving only 22 days available for work. You normally spend 2 days per year on sick leave. This leaves you only 20 days per year available for work. We are off 10 holidays per year, so your available working time is down to 10 days. We generously give 9 days vacation per year which leaves only 1 day available for work and I’ll be darned if you are going to take that day off!

By this explanation…will any one once gain ask you for leave…..