About Me

Feel like writing lot. But hand doesn’t permit. Will slowly start writing about me. This Blog is all about Education…Entertainment…Enrichment…Philoshophy…and above all what i feel.

Lot to say.. don’t know how to say.. U will find out what i am.Me a serial Entrepreneur. IT guy..now purely a Sales Guy..a Strategist.. executer..Good knowledge of E-commerce. Trying to come up with innovative conceptes…Trying to make the Concepts workable…Most of my ideas are related to “E”…that doesnt mean that I don’t work on anything else. See as you know Once a entrepreneur is always a Enterprenuer….Now these days me working on….. IT….see this IT BUG is like leech…it always sucks you up no matter how much you loose blood and you dont even know that your sucked to death…I am working on IT related projects and Electronic and Electrical Imports….yeah…lots and lots of new gadgets are in my office…doing lots of research….Now its time to sell these amazing things at rock bottom prices…Lets see whats gonna happen….. No more boring….

Chalo..will try to add More about my new and wired concepts to you all. CHOW……Sayonara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. muneera says:


    Anil sir im totally elated- the way you have put forth things dat YSR has done…. its completely a pleasure to read something like dat…….

    The best part is the way u unleash what u exactly feel @ the moment….

    The brevity you maintain when you pen down is stupendous…….

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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