Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check this up EBS (E-Billing Solutions has been acquired by Ogone for an undisclosed amount……

EBS (E-Billing Solutions), the second largest on-line payment provider in India, has announced that Ogone Payment Services, one of Europe’s leading payment service providers, has signed a binding agreement to acquire the company. This acquisition marks Ogone’s first foray outside of the European market and into the rapidly expanding Indian on-line payments market.

 However, EBS will continue to operate under its current management structure and market approach and will be responsible for running the operations and the continued expansion of the company. EBS will also retain its name and brand in the Indian market. The EBS board is supported by 3 members of the Ogone Payment Services Board.

 Mr Nishanth Chandran, Co-Founder & CEO of EBS, said: This deal represents a huge opportunity for us to lead the market in India and Ogone Payment Services are the right partner to enable us to get to the number one position in India.”

 Mr Peter De Caluwe, CEO of Ogone Payment Services, said: Only 8.4% of the Indian market is currently online but this translates to 100 million users, which makes it the fourth largest online country in the world and this is set to grow rapidly with online travel accounting for 80% of the commerce in India. Acquiring a leading company such as EBS represents a huge potential for us and our European merchants.”

EBS were advised by growth partnership firm IndigoEdge. Ogone, meanwhile, were advised on the deal by Brian, Garnier & Co, an independent pan-European investment bank focused on growth companies.  

EBS now directly present in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi,and Thiruvananthapuram has more than 56+ payment options with an uptime of 99.999% and less than 0.001% of online fraud in its entire network of 3000+ merchants and 400+ resellers. EBS witnessed commendable growth over the years with a 300% increase in its merchant base. EBS currently enjoys a 20% market share in terms of the merchant base in the Indian Payment Gateway Industry. And some of the merchants include Flipkart, Snapdeals, APSRTC, Puma, Next, Being human watches,Aircel, Ctrls,BPL, etc

Ogone Payment Services is one of the main European service providers specialised in the processing of online payments, with more than 30000 customers in 45 countries. The company provides a range of electronic payment solutions covering a number of areas, including e-commerce, ticketing, call centres or the hotel industry. This includes both business-to-consumer solutions and business-to-business services (purchasing cards). With its transactional functionalities and extensive back-office capabilities, the Ogone Payment Services offering is one of the most comprehensive available today. And some of their clients include Friends Provident, Tui, Thomas Cook, Halfords, Just Eat, Bose, Opodo, Club Med, DHL International, Viking Direct/Office Depot, Thalys International, Misco and Center Parcs etc

Ogone Payment Services has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom.

This is deal time…….Hope this makes lots of changes in the present indian e-commerce market….and india e-commerce market grow in big and secure way…..



Economics and Humour

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Check this up…and thanx to the friend who sent me this…..

You have two cows.
You sell one and buy a bull.
Your herd multiplies and the economy grows. You retire on the income.

You have two cows.
You worship them.

You have two cows.
You sell one and force the other to produce the milk of four cows.
You profess surprise when the cow drops dead.
You put the blame on some nation with cows and naturally that nation will be
a danger to mankind.
You wage a war to save the world and grab the cows.

You have two cows
You go on strike because you want three cows.

You have two cows.
You reengineer them so that they live for 100 years eat once a month and
milk themselves.

You have two cows.
They are both mad cows.

You have two cows.
YOU redesign them so that they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow,and
produce twenty times the milk. You then create cute cartoon cow imagescalled
Cowkimon! and market them worldwide.

You have two cows.
You have 300 people milking them.
You claim full employment, high bovine productivity and arrest anyone
reporting the actual numbers.

You have two cows.
You don’t know economy.
You choose one of them as the Prime Minister of the country and the otherthe Leader of the Opposition.

You don’t have any cows.
You claim that the Indian cows belong to you!!!!


India Post, Indian Govt’s Post office is planning to launch nationwide prepaid card-based remittance system and is awaiting the approval from the Authorities.

The idea is to tap India’s internal money transfer market, valued in gross dollar volume at whopping $ 2.2 Billion per year. (Approx Rs 10,000 Crores).

India Post wants to offer MasterCard-branded prepaid cards to speed up its remittance services at around 155,000 branches across India. This would be run with HSBC, ICICI and IDBI Venture Infotek (Atos) will provide processing services.These banks will provide settlement and administration services with MasterCard and their revenue source would be the float–funds loaded onto the cards that have not been spent………………

Pilot Program to be launched where IDBI would run the scheme with post offices in North and East,HSBC  for west and ICICI  in the south and all put together with around 10,000 Post office pan India.

The model in which it would work would be something like this….This prepaid card scheme  allow funds to be transferred from cities to rural areas on a same day or next day basis at the maximum and There would be two cards issued One a Parent card which would be with the person who deposits (Remitter) this and second the child card or the add on card or the beneficiary card (Recipient).

And both these cards would be fully functional Open-Loop prepaid cards or Network branded prepaid cardsv(An open loop prepaid card is a type of prepaid debit card that can be used at multiple merchant locations and has network brand on it such as Master, Visa etc and here it is Master Card Branded), allowing ATM withdrawals  and withdrawals at post office branches.

Hope to see this is live action……An amazing initiative by a Govt Agency……..Lets see how this works………

(Source Tweet from Master Card and VRL News)

Cheers ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Most of the people who are into e-Commerce did come across the word “SOCIAL SHOPPING”. If not check this post…

What is Social Shopping ?

Social  Shopping combines product sales with consumer recommendations in a social network environment. The whole idea circles around friends/communities/group of people who share similar interests and who rely on the opinions of fellow members to influence purchase decisions.

Social Shopping is a method of e-Commerce where shoppers’ friends become involved in the shopping experience. Social shopping attempts use technology to mimic the social interactions found in physical malls and stores. (Wikipedia)

In simple terms Social shopping is the combination of social media and e-commerce. It takes all of the key aspects of the social web — friends, groups, voting, comments, discussions — and focusing them on shopping — to create Social shopping.

The term social commerce was introduced by Yahoo in November 2005 to describe a set of online collaborative shopping tools such as shared pick lists, user ratings and other user-generated content-sharing of online product information and advice.

Social shopping is the next version or the upgraded version to web shopping as it brings all types of products into one place. No more skipping around from site to site searching for that hard-to-find item.With social shopping, you are one click away from comparing prices, and you can easily find out what other people are saying about your prefered mobile phone or your favrioute book.

The advantage  for Social shopping sites is it generate revenue not only from advertising and vistors but also by sharing information about their users with retailersAnd the the user interactions or information and recommendations are passed on to the retailers which are hard to acquire from sales personnel.

And typically or in broad sense Social Shopping sites are of five types

1) Group shopping sites,
2) Shopping communities 
3) Recommendation engines
4) Shopping Marketplaces
5) Shared Shopping sites

And to conclude on this the advantage for Customer/Shopper/ End User is

  • Products can be easliy located
  • Get the best price
  • Comparison and research based shopping
  • Confident shopping
  • Get to know and shop with like minded people or people with same tase


Guys….this is news….so i am not responsible for validity or genuineness of this…but this is buzzing in the market

Flipkart, is close to raising $150 Million in a PE round of funding from the private equity firm General Atlantic Partners, in the biggest deal ever or mother of all deals  in an Indian Internet company. This means  Flipkart is valued at $1 Billion      (Rs 4,400 crore).  Hmmmmmmm this is…… no comments

Flipkart had raised $20 million from private equity firm Tiger Global in June, which was estimated to be at $250 million valuation. Prior to this in 2009, Tiger Global had invested $10 million in Flipkart…………..

With around 1500 Employees….it is said that Flipkart sells goods worth $ 6 Million every month……(i dont know if this is true)

Indian E-commerce is booming……very very booming………. No more commentsssssssssss at all………So for all in India and having a decent portals………..there is huge scope……..go for it and dont leave hopeeeeeeeeee

I shall wrap this with my Fav quote  said by Hitler “One who wins without problem,its just VICTORY” But “One who wins with lots of Trouble, He Creates HISTORY”…..


One of India’s Biggest deals and coupon based and discount website  SNAPDEAL has closed $Million as series B investment led by Bessemer Ventures and existing investors Nexus Venture Partners and IndoUS Ventures also participated in this round.

This is supposed to be be the largest Venture capital infusion in an internet company in a single round in India………hmmm.

Snapdeal has raised $12 Million in the month of January fron Nexus Venture Partners and IndoUS Ventures, thus total investment raised by Snapdeal has touched $52 Million.  SnapDeal has acquired a company called Grabbon last year.

Some Intresting numbers on SNAPDEAL (This is what they say)

1.5 Million new users every month, their merchant base has crossed 30,000 and their deals and discount are available in over 50 cities in India. And plans to expand its team to 800 by end of  this year.

Market is hot guys…….so buckle upppppppppp


Pepsi Ad (Bangladesh)

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Hmmmmm Finally….Last But not the least of our Cousins…….Bangladeshhhhhhhh Check this Advertisment featuring  Shakib Al Hasan…..Cute ad


This ad features THE SLINGA—MALINGA…..Loved this advertimesment……….Do hear the background………Malinga Slinga….Malinga Slinga…………Loved this


Coca Cola Ad-(SriLanka)

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In continuation with my series of Inernational ads ….Got hold of this coca cola  (Sri Lankan) ad featuring Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene…. Check this and Ensoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Guys…I know this looks very differnet and for some people very wierd…but did you ever wanted to know how the Advertisments of Pakistan would look like…..Hmmm i know….But this is out of curiosity….. But i enjoyed the advertisment

I hope you guys liked this….Do post your comments….No abusessssssssssss plzzzzzzz